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Tired of loosing your baby’s dummy and getting it dirty?  Check these out!!!!

Handmade Bug and Kombi Dummy Clips

  • High quality durable, washable grosgrain – heat treated to prevent fraying.
  • A wide variety of grosgrain colours/design.
  • Professionally pressed KAM BPA FREE plastic snaps.
  • KAM BPA FREE plastic clips – gentle on clothing – contain no metal so no rusty stains
  • Easy to flip open clip – locking mechanism which makes it more difficult for children to open.
  • Easy to attach to dummies – open plastic snap, loop and snap
  • Our dummy clips are assembled according to the ACCC recommended standard

Koambi and Beetle Available in

1) Aqua
2) Aqua 2
3) Light Blue
4) Dark Blue
5) Hot Pink
6) Lavender
7) Pink
8) Red

9) Snoopy in Beetle Convertible

10) Red & Green Beetles on blue ribbon

11) Multi-Coloured Beetles on white ribbon

12) Pink Love Bug

13) Pink VW

14) Red Kombi and Blue Beetle on yellow ribbon


AFL Teams: 

Adelaide Crows

Adelaide Crows “We  Fly As One”

Adelaide Port Power

Geelong Cats

Sydney Swans

Hawthorn Hawks

Essenden Bombers

Western Bulldogs

Aussie Animals:

Green Koala

Blue Crying Koala

Colourful Koala

Animal Music Band

White Koala

Green Baby Koala

Green Frog

Pink Unicorn

We use Australia Post and we do combine items.




Please take a look at the Kombi, Beetle and (AFL teams: Crows, Port, Geelong, Essenden, Hawks, Swans, Bulldogs, Kangaroos) in stock now!

Additional information

Kombi & Beetle Colour

1 Aqua, 2 Aqua2, 3 Light Blue, 5 Hot Pink, 6 Lavender, 7 Pink, 8 Red, 9 Snoopy in Beetle Convertible, 10 Red & Green Beetles on blue ribbon, 11 Multi-Coloured Beetles on white ribbon, 12 Pink Love Bug, 13 Pink VW, 14 Red Kombi & Blue Beetle on yellow ribbon

13) Pink VW

14) Red Kombi and Blue Beetle on yellow ribbon

AFL Team

Adelaide Crows, Adelaide "We Fly As One", Adelaide Port Power, Essenden Bombers, Footscray Bulldogs, Geelong Cats, Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Kangaroos, Sydney Swans

Australian Animals

Blue/green Ribbon with Koala Baby, Animal Music Band, White Ribbon with Koala, Blue Crying Koala, Colourful Koala, Green Ribbon with Koala, Green Frog, Pink Unicorn


Harley Davidson


Local Pick Up, Post


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