Vinyl Stickers


Life’s a Beach 8.5 x 6.5cm

Air Cooled 17 x 4.5cm in red   (only 1 left in stock)

Wolfsburg Badge  in black, blue, red, silver , green and white 15 x 14.5cm

Home is Where I Park It  9.5 x 6cm   (only 1 left in stock)

0 to 80…eventually  21.5 x 2cm   (only 1 left in stock)

The Original Search Engine in blue and black 6.5cm in diameter  (only 1 left in stock)

Volkswagen in black, blue and navy 16.5 x 6.5cm

Splatter stickers in white or black  10 x 10.5cm


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Lifes a Beach, Air Cooled red, Wolfsburg Badge black, Wolfsburg Badge blue, Wolfsburg Badge red, Wolfsburg Badge silver, Wolfsburg Badge green, Wolfsburg Badge white, Home is Where I Park it, 0 to 80, Original Search Engine blue, Volkswagen black, Volkswagen blue, Splatter White, Splatter Black


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