Metal Signs – New


Metal Signs- New

Flat thick metal sign with rounded fold back corners  

$10 each

 “Pray for Surf”          20cm x 30cm (Only 1 in stock)

3 Kombis in a Row   30cm x 8cm   (2 in stock)

Beetle – Enjoy the Way to your destination    20cm x 30cm

Yellow Beetle Convertible – The People’s Car    20cm x 30cm

History of VW Kombi     20cm x 30cm

Bulli  20cm x 30cm

Life’s A Beach  39cm x 14cm

The Original Ride 50 x 25cm

Corrugated Metal Signs with rope hanger  30cm x 13cm

$10 each

Red Kombi

Teal Kombi

Keep Moving

3 Kombis in a Row


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Pray for Surf, 3 Kombis in a Row, Beetle, Yellow Beetle Convertible, History of VW Kombi, Bulli, Life's a Beach, Corrugated Red Kombi, Corrugated Teal Kombi, Corrugated Keep Moving, Corrugated 3Kombis in a Row


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