Assorted Charms for Floating Memory Lockets


Assorted adorable charms for our Floating Lockets (sold on an accompanying page)

You can generally add up to eight 5mm charms into a 30mm floating locket.

Some of our charms are a bit bigger and we will put the measurements below where 2 or 3 will fit into the lockets.

For Alphabet Letter, please specify letter (s) in instruction section at check out.

We have a large assortment of flower charms that are posted on an accompanying page, as well.

Free postage within Australia
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Paw Prints  7mm x 5mm

Sail Boat 17mm x 18mm

Anchor 20mm x 27mm

Fish 14mm x 5mm

Skeleton Fish 20mm x 5mm

Crab 15m x 15mm – (only 1 in stock)

LOVE 7mm x 10mm

Vintage Sewing Machine 17mm x 4mm

Sewing Scissors 28mm x 6mm

Kangaroo 17mm x 5mm

Koala 10mm x 14mm

Wombat 15mm x 9mm

Kookaburra 5mm x 18mm

Brass Key with Heart Top 13mm x 8mm – (only 1 in stock)

Brass Key with Club Top 13mm x 6mm – (only 1 in stock)

Pewter Engagement Ring 14mm x 19mm – (only 1 in stock)

Pewter Wedding Bells 21mm x 16mm

Pewter Wedding Cake 14mm x 21mm

Pewter Birthday Cake piece 18mm x 18mm

Pewter Birthday Candle 5mm x 19mm

Pewter Birthday Hat 7mm x 19mm

Pewter Gift Package 15mm x 18mm

Alphabet Letter (A – Z) in gold tone 5mm x 6mm

Alphabet Letter (A – Z) in silver tone 5mm x 6mm

Red Wine Glass 7mm x 3mm

Happy Birthday Balloons

Butterfly- small 22mm x 13mm

Butterfly – large  22mm x 15mm

Pink Ribbon 7mm x 4mm

Hot Pink “SISTER” Heart 9mm x 7mm

Red “MUM” Heart 9mm x 7mm

Silver dog with pink collar 7mm x 10mm

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Sail Boat, Anchor, Fish, Skeleton Fish, Crab, LOVE, Sewing Machine, Scissors, Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, Kookaburra, Brass Key with Heart Top, Brass Key with Club Top, Engagement Ring, Wedding Bells, Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake Piece, Birthday Candle, Birthday Hat, Gift, Gold Alphabet Letter, Silver Alphabet Letter, Red Wine Glass, Happy Birthday Balloons, Small Butterfly, Large Butterfly, Pink Ribbon, Sister Heart, Mum Heart, Dog with Pink Collar


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